Trapped inside an invisible cage, looking out in hopeless resignation, wings clipped. Life hasn’t been kind to you. Your dreams and desires cover the floor like leaves blowing in the wind on …

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“Patience of Earth is our life, both ends with our wrong choices.” “We do have an impact on everything else because everything is connected.” Nature reacts when we fail to understand, as it’s her duty to balance-the-unbalance.

Earth cooperates when we use resources economically with care, and not with greed and waste. It took her almost 4.6 billion years to grow and mature. However, there’s been life on it for nearly as long as 3.6 billion years.

In fact, all these years our beloved planet supported first Bacteria; later complex creatures in the sea and on land. Then finally animals, the amphibians, the dinosaurs, at last the mammals, each enduring millions of years, rising, flourishing and dying away—all these and more were taken cared by Earth against all odds.

Now, how are we rewarding her? Every year approximately 7 billion kilograms of plastic cups, bottles, cans, and others trash are…

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the story of failure

the story of failure

You wake up, you brew coffee.
You finish breakfast.
You get ready, for your day and your work.
You leave for work, with no passion.

All set for work, all day of work,
Amid of social smiles and gestures,
A few are naive, many are polished.
Off from work, and a major part of your day.

You reach home, with trivial energy.
You prepare dinner, you finish dinner.
You want to relax, you log on to PC.
Lonely social beings are WE….

You sleep late, browsing your instagram.
You fall asleep, dreaming your goal.
Not realizing, you can’t reach it,
Without you, thriving for it.


the next morning,
you wake up, you brew coffee

—- Lavender S

P.S : Inspired by the quote
‘every morning you have two choices :
continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them’.